• Piano A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs
  • Piano A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs
  • Piano A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs

A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs: Bruce Gore

School Board Piano Tuner and Vancouver Musician for 30 Years

Every piano has its own sound or voice. Preserve your piano’s fine voice, whether you play just for friends or professionally for crowds. For affordable prices, A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs gives pianos of all ages, sizes, manufacturers and models the care they need for the sound you want. As a school board piano tuner, I have the expertise to repair most any damage your piano can sustain.

Environmental Reasons for Tuning Your Piano

Because of seasonal humidity and temperature changes, your piano optimally needs tuning to adjust to winter indoor heating and your turning off the heat in late spring. At the least, call A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs for an annual tuning to regain your piano’s pitch and tonal quality. Please call me at 604-250-8890.

More Serious Matters of Piano Repairs and Regulating

Your neglected piano or the one you couldn’t pass up at an estate sale can be saved with the expert repair services from A-1 Aberdeen Piano Tuning & Repairs. With 30 years of experience as a school board piano tuner, I’ve seen my share of damaged pianos, and an equal share of very happy clients with pianos I have repaired. When your piano’s parts no longer work together properly because of age and uneven wear, a series of adjustments called regulating can also fix problems such as:

  • Sticking Keys
  • Improperly Working Pedals
  • Noises, Squeaks and Rattles

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